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Channel 4 has long been missing from Apple’s TV offering, the app still doesnt work with AirPlay, instead you need to use Cast to send it to a Google Chromecast (if you have one) and also it has been notably absent from the Apple TV App Store for a long time, even though BBC, ITV, Channel 5, Netflix and Amazon have all launched native applications for the platform not long after the fourth generation Apple TV launched at the end of 2015.


Late last year, Channel 4 updated its app to support tvOS and now this week, it now finally adds in support for the Apple TV app. The Apple TV app is a ‘one stop shop’ for all the TV you want to watch, nearly every provider supports it, apart from Netflix.


Exactly the same how BBC iPlayer works, the All 4 app – when used from inside the Apple TV app shows new shows from All 4 you can watch, it’ll keep track of current shows you are watching and more.

Source: MacRumors

Images: MacRumors