Last week on the 19th September – we were treated to the release of iOS 13 for all the supported devices, as well as watchOS 6, but only for Series 3, 4 and 5 as the release for Series 1 and 2 will be coming later on this autumn.

iPadOS had been touted to be released later this month on the 30th, but now Apple have updated the iPadOS mini site to say that the release has been pushed forward to next week on the 24th instead. On Tuesday, iOS 13.1 will be released too to address a security flaw and add some of the features in that weren’t inlined with 13.0.

iOS 13.1

iOS 13.1 will bring the automated Siri shortcuts, Apple Maps ETA sharing function as well as some bug fixes. The new features for HomeKit won’t ship with iOS 13.1 as well as the AirPods sharing function – instead, these are slated for “later this autumn”


iPadOS is based on iOS 13, but will remain a separate OS going forward and the initial release will come out on September 24th.