The team at display review site, DisplayMate have awarded the brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max with the title of “Best Smartphone Display Award” on the grounds that the new display has a much brighter display and also that it is more efficient than last years model, the iPhone XS Max.

Apple is now marketing the display on the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro as “Super Retina XDR Display” – with the iPhone X in 2017, Apple changed the name from Retina Display to the “Super Retina Display.”

DisplayMate’s notes from their review:

  • 17% higher Peak Brightness of 821 nits for a typical Average Picture Level of 50%, which improves screen visibility in high Ambient Light.
  • On its Home Screen the iPhone 11 Pro Max produced an impressively High Brightness of 902 nits.
  • An HDR Peak Brightness of 1,290 nits for the standard HDR 20% APL, and 1,090 nits for Full Screen White with 100% APL.
  • Display Power Efficiency that has increased by up to 15% compared to the iPhone XS Max.

You can find the full technical review of of the iPhone 11 Pro Max display here

Source: DisplayMate