In the United States, the payment infrastructure is quite different from how it is here in the UK and Europe, since the introduction of Apple Pay back in 2014, a lot of terminals have had to be overhauled, upgraded or replaced in order to accommodate the new NFC type payments.

Here in the UK, a lot of shops and restaurants terminals have been able to accept NFC based payments for a long time, as we have had contactless cards. The introduction of Apple Pay has only accelerated the need for more and more stores and also vending machines to accept contactless payments.

But considering a lot of terminals and POS systems in the US have had to be upgraded, the news that Apple Pay is now the most popular payment platform in the whole of the country is impressive to say the least.

This news has come via eMarketer who have said that last year, Apple Pay became the market leader in the US with 27.7 million people using Apple Pay to make a purchase. Now in 2019, Apple Pay has 30.3 million users.

“‌Apple Pay‌ has benefited from the spread of new point-of-sale (POS) systems that work with the NFC signals ‌Apple Pay‌ runs on. “The same trend should also help Google Pay and Samsung Pay, but they will continue to split the Android market.”

eMarketer Principal Analyst – Yory Wurmser

According to eMarketer, by the end of this current year total spending on contactless based systems will be very close to $100 billion in the US.

Source: eMarketer

Graph Image: eMarketer

Via: MacRumors

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