The next season of The Grand Tour will be coming soon, which is much anticipated as the last season ended earlier this year in April and that also marked the end of the iconic template or show theme too.

Season 3 ended and now The Grand Tour will be focusing on full feature length specials. Season 4 will kick off on December 13th with “The Grand Tour Presents: Seamen” where the three lads are in boats and attempt to travel along the Mekong Delta, in Vietnam.

Season 4 will only consist of two episodes and the first one will be around 90 mins in length, as Andy Wilman, the shows executive produced confirmed back in October.

“For one time only, the presenters have taken a break from four wheels and instead undertaken an ambitious journey in boats. Their adventure-packed voyage takes them along one of the world’s most iconic waterways – the Mekong Delta.”