The Tesla Model 3 was launched back in 2016 and has since been one of the company’s most popular models, no part in thanks to the much lower price compared to the Model S and Model X.

Last week, the Model 3 started delivering in South Korea and Tesla held a special event for the handovers.

Difficulties in South Korea

Until recently, Tesla has had a hard time selling its cars in South Korea, simply due to how the incentives are dished out. Tesla hasn’t been eligible, as the government basically requires any EV to be able to charge in under 10 hours on a standard electrical socket.

This is a huge disadvantage for any Tesla as they all have huge batteries and this also gives smaller EVs a sales advantage as the South Korean government will subsidise those cars. But back in July of 2017 the government fixed this issue and since then, the Model S and Model X have been on sale.

Model 3 Event

The Tesla Owners South Korea shared the event on Twitter and got some pretty good photos too.

In South Korea, the Tesla Model 3 started at 52 million won, which is about £34,000 here in the UK. But with some government subsides now in place, the Model 3 can now ben had for 32 million won which is £21,000. This much lower price should really help Tesla shift some units in that market.