Disney+ hasn’t even been out a month and the deals and bundles the company is running is, without a doubt extensive. Google have now partnered up with Disney for a Chromebook and Disney+.

Google is hoping that this Christmas Chromebooks will be a little higher than usual for gifts, because if you buy a Chromebook between November 25th 2019 and January 21st 2020 you’ll be eligible for three months free of Disney+ as long as you redeem the offer before January 31st 2020.

If you have purchased a Chromebook recently, simply go to the Chromebook offers mini site to redeem. Naturally, as Disney+ is only offered in the US at the time of writing and isn’t due to the UK until March 2020, this Chromebook deal is only offered in the US.


A few weeks ago, Disney said they already have 10 million subscribers signed up to Disney+ and this new partnership will help out Google with Chromebook sales and also Disney with getting new subscribers trying out and hopefully, saying with the service.

Once the three month promo ends, Disney+ is $6.99 a month for one user.

Source: Google Chromebook Offers