In a report from Opensignal, an mobile analytics company – it has showed that when compared to the US, Brazil has a better 4G video experience. Opensignal ran this report last year which showed that 59 out of the 100 countries it looked at in the report had improved since last year.


In the report from last year, only 69 countries were analysed but 15 passed with a good experience.

“South Korea was by far the fastest of the 69 countries we analyzed in this report, but 15 other countries ranked higher in video experience. The best video experience we recorded was in the Czech Republic.”



For this year, Opensignal used more devices than last year and collected much more data. But the main piece of information is the amount of countries which have had improved video experience when compared to last year.

“In one year mobile Video Experience has significantly improved in 59% of 100 countries analyzed”


We’re looking at Brazil and the US this article, and for the first time Brazil has been listed as ‘Good’ for video on 4G, while the US lags behind still, and Opensignal has not recommended the US networks as good yet for video.

“While there was an improvement in Americans’ Video Experience — with the score increasing from 46.7 to 53.8 points — it was not enough to shift U.S. consumers up a gear into the Good category. Instead, Video Experience remained stuck in the Fair category.”


Source: Opensignal 2018 Report and Opensignal 2019 Report