Last year, A&T Tech reported on a new feature of the iPhone XS that Japan based blog Ata Distance had found where the NFC chip in the phone would stay active for up to five hours, even if the iPhone had run out of battery.

This new feature was called Apple Pay Express Travel Card and starting this week, it can now be used on London’s TfL public transport network. That includes all the buses, trams, ferries, trains and the underground. Without using the Express Travel Card, Apple Pay can be used but you would need to unlock your phone, authenticate, tap and you’re done.

With Express Travel Card, users only need to tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the reader and your preferred card is used – no need to unlock.

But this also works if your device has died, because NFC chips require no power to operate, iPhones which have died can operate Express Travel Card for up to five hours, so even if your phone has died you can still make it home.