25 years a really long time in the tech world, and exactly 25 years ago to this date Sony launched the original PlayStation to the world in Japan on 3rd December 1994.

The whole premise is that, late into the 1980s Nintendo wanted to produce a CD-ROM accessory for the then – upcoming Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). To do this, Nintendo reached out to Sony to help make this which would be ultimately called Play Station, it would be able to play SNES cartridges as well as CD-ROM discs.

Sony launched the original PlayStation in Japan in 1994, but it was launched much later into 1995 in the United States, a full nine months after the initial launch in Japan.

Over its time on the market, Sony sold over 102 million units.

The rest of the story you can find in the video below.


The history story can be retold a million different ways, but Dagogo Altraide from ColdFusionTV on YouTube does an amazing job here. Enjoy.

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