Another week has gone by and it’s time, once again to go over the best stories we covered here on A&T Tech.

This week, the original PlayStation turned 25, Apple had a record high share price, T-Mobile turned on its 600MHz 5G network in the US, Top Gear is coming back at the end of December and also, Amazon had a successful week showing the Premier League on Amazon Prime.

Here are our top stories of the past week:

BBC Top Gear is back at the end of this month

Top Gear UK has had its fair share of host shuffle arounds, but the last series – series 27 was well received by fans. Paddy, Freddie and Chris are back on December 29th for a Christmas special in Nepal.

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Amazon had a record number of new sign-ups this week on Amazon Prime

All thanks to the Premier League, Amazon have signed a deal to broadcast a number of the matches. Including, some on Boxing Day. A lot of feedback on Twitter on the first night was pretty positive, users mentioning the price, picture quality and the features of the app.

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Apple’s shares hit a record high this week

On Friday this week, Apple’s shares hit $270.66 a share, a record high for the company.

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Apple Pay Express Travel Card now works in London

With Express Travel Card, users only need to tap your iPhone or Apple Watch on the reader and your preferred card is used – no need to unlock. This has been available in Japan since last year with the iPhone XS and now it works on London’s TfL.

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The first Sony PlayStation was released 25 years ago

3rd December 1994 – Sony released the original PlayStation in Japan, 25 years ago.

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T-Mobile turned on its 600MHz 5G network this week

T-Mobile in the US, activated its low band 600MHz 5G network this week, as it is a lower frequency the range or propergation is much greater than the millimetre wave work AT&T and other carriers are doing in the cities.

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