Jagaur’s first all electric vehicle, the I-Pace SUV has a new software update out which adds up to 12 miles of additional range, as well as a few other tweaks such as AWD torque distribution and the regenerative breaking is more efficient at recuperating kinetic energy.

But the new update, while all well and good – it cannot be updated over-the-air like all of the Tesla models, instead you will need to take the car into your nearest Jaguar dealer who will then update it manually. But the good news is that, once it is updated the I-Pace will be able to update more of itself remotely.

Jaguar has managed to eek out the extra 12 miles, partly thanks to what they have learned from the eTrophy racing series.

Other additions in the update are, a reduced use of the radiator in the car to cool the batteries and range predictions should be more accurate now.

Learn more about Jaguar’s software updates on jaguar.co.uk