Apple just released the new Mac Pro, or should I say just put the new Mac Pro up for order on and we knew the maxed out configuration was going to be expensive, but not this expensive.

The top tier config with an 2.5GHz Intel Xeon 28-core CPU, 1.5TB of RAM (yes 1.5TB!), which is 12x 128GB sticks of DDR4, two of the AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics cards, 4TB of SSD storage, Apple’s Afterburner card (Apple’s Afterburner card is a PCIe accelerator card which handles ProRes and ProRes RAW decoding for Final Cut Pro X), the stainless steel wheels option and Magic Mouse 2 and Magic Trackpad 2.

The two AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo graphics cards are a £9,720.00 option and the jump from 32GB RAM to 1.5TB RAM is a £22,500.00 upgrade. And also, to go to 1.5TB RAM, you have to have the 24-core or 28-core CPU.

Eventually, an 8TB SSD option will be available in the spec list, but as of writing this is not available yet.

Also available is Pro Display XDR, which starts at £5,499 and can be specced up to £6,637

But none of these prices are really a surprise, this isn’t the computer for anyone to buy, it is specifically designed for the pro market, think high end video editing, film editing, photo editing – somewhere they need the horsepower of the Mac Pro and the screen quality and couloir accuracy of the Pro Display XDR. As Apple said at WWDC earlier this year, comparable reference monitors cost over $40,000.

Mac Pro available to order now at