BMW has long been charging a yearly fee for CarPlay, which it has now ditched because why would you charge for CarPlay? Every other car company includes it as no charge. And now, BMW has announced that by July 2020 it will finally support Android Auto. However the support is only wireless, which isn’t an issue with CarPlay as all phones work with wireless CarPlay, but only a few Google and Samsung phones support wireless Android Auto.

Any vehicle on BMW Operating System 7.0 or later will work with Android Auto.

“We are excited to work with BMW to bring wireless Android Auto to their customers worldwide next year. The seamless connection from Android smartphones to BMW vehicles allows customers to hit the road faster while maintaining access to all of their favourite apps and services in a safer experience.”

Patrick Brady, Vice President of Engineering, Google

BMW have said they will be demoing Android Auto in BMW cars at CES next year

Source: BMW Group Press