The new electric Mini Cooper SE is now up for pre-orders in the US, following a launch earlier this year here in the UK. Mini UK launched the ‘MINI Electric’ back in July and has been up for pre-orders since. On Tuesday this week, the pre-orders opened up in the US.

First deliveries will start in March 2020 for the UK and US and it’ll start at $29,900 with a $850 delivery fee tacked on too, here in the UK the price starts at £24,400 after the government rebate for electric vehicles.

Standard spec comes with a central 6.5-inch display – which supports Apple CarPlay, you also get automatic dual zone climate control, heated front seats, rearview camera and keyless entry. In true mini fashion, you can spec this up. For $4,000 extra you’ll add a panoramic roof, power folding mirrors, an upgraded Harmon Kardon speaker system and a garage opener.

The highest spec, the ‘Iconic’ is $36,900 and adds 17″ wheels, a larger 8.8-inch touchscreen, heads up display and Cooper SE floor mats.

What is the range like?

Mini is saying it’ll get 110 miles rated for the US, in Europe and the UK it is rated for 124 miles on the 32.6 kWh battery, which isn’t a huge battery at all. Top sped is rated at 93 mph with a 0-60 of 6.9 seconds


Pre orders can be placed in the US at or

“On the emotional side, “fun to drive” is the number one reason why consumers purchase a MINI, and this new MINI Electric offers the same fun-to-drive, go-kart reflexes we’ve built into our MINI Cooper S hardtop. On the rational side, 80% of all MINI house-holds own two or more cars, and with an accessible price, the MINI Electric is a perfect complement in offering more customers attainable, emission-free driving.”

Michael Peyton – Vice President, MINI of the Americas

Source: Mini USA