Apple has long had some issues with the way it handles reports of bugs people have had. Famously, earlier in year there was a teenager from Arizona who found a flaw with FaceTime in iOS 12 where users could join a FaceTime call without the other person picking it up. Despite, his mum and him reaching out to Apple Support and tweeting Tim Cook, nothing was done or a few weeks. After all the media coverage, Apple eventually paid the teenager for finding the bug.

Apple has now offically opened up the bug program to the public, as before it was invatation based only. Also, the maximum rewards have increased too, before the highest someone would receive for reporting a bug was $200,000, it is now $1 million. Also, Apple has said it will add a 50 percent bonus on top of any payouts if the exploit or bug was spotted on beta software, this then allows Apple to sort the issue out before that version of software goes live to all customers.

Also new is that Apple has included all software platforms now as well as iCloud. That means iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. Prevously, only iOS was supported.

Source: Apple