According to Adrian Hallmark, the boss of Bentley – the company’s future is all about electric cars but that reality won’t greet us until the mid 2020s, with 2025 being the earliest unfortunately as the company doesn’t want to just make an electric version of an existing car, as this can compromise range and any efficiencies – instead, like its parent company VW has done with the ID.3, it wants to design a whole new car from the ground up to be an electric car.

The story

Adrian Hallmark (Bentley Chairman and CEO) spoke to Automotive News Europe in December last year to discuss their profitable 2019 and what is next for the company, and Hallmark said “it’s all about electrification” for any new cars the company will launch, but what they do know is that it will be an electric car but the company isn’t sure on what class of car it will be yet.

Bentley has confirmed the following though, they won’t be converting an existing car into an electric car.

“We could take one of the existing nameplates, and that could be the first electric car, but we wouldn’t take an existing car and try to fit batteries into it, because there’s a compromise from a range and efficiency point of view.”

Adrian Hallmark

But we will have to wait until 2025 at the earliest to see anything fully electric from Bentley as the company isn’t in a rush to get there yet.


Bentley, a long standing British car company was bought by VW in the late 90s and is now owned and controlled by the VW Group. In that time, the company has launched an all new Continental GT in 2002 and the Benteyga SUV 2015.

Source: Automotive News Europe