CES is next week and already there are new products being announced before the actual event has started, and it where would be without a ton of new WiFi products, and D-Link is one of the latest company’s to announce some new routers, some with mesh, some with 802.11ax (WiFi 6) and some with both. D-Link has nine new routers to show off at CES, but here is all the info we have.

New COVR mesh now has 802.11ax (WiFi 6) support

D-Link has had the the COVR mesh system out for a while now, but the new version now supports 802.11ax (WiFi 6), which is now called COVR X1872 with the X in the product name referencing 802.11ax.

The COVR X1872 mesh kit comes with two units, the main router and a mesh point for extending the reach of the wireless network, it has support for WPA3 which is really good to see and it works with Alexa, IFTT and the Google Assistant. No HomeKit support here, but hopefully at CES we will see some routers which do.

For those unfamiliar, you can set up and monitor your network once you have it up and running from the D-Link WiFi app, which has speedtest.net integrated for speedtests, parental controls and much more as well as the ability to ‘pause’ the internet, which could be useful for parents and you can activate the guest network from here too. The main router module has a WAN port, four LAN ports and a USB-A port. The mesh point has four LAN ports, which can be useful for hardwiring in devices at the other end, where you need to or WiFi isn’t an option.

DIR-5460 router

One D-Link we have at the header of this post, is the flagship new router that D-Link is offering up, the DIR-5460 which has double the 5Ghz streams of the X1870 mesh unit giving it a total of 4804mbps capacity on 5Ghz and the same 574mbps on the 2Ghz band, which has the same 2 streams. The DIR-5460 also has support for up to 160MHz channel widths, whereas all the other routers support up to a maximum of 80MHz.

All the new routers

The flagship is the DIR-5460, which is above and will be available in Q1 this year for $280, there isn’t any information on UK pricing at the moment. There’s also the AX1500 which is $120, the AX1800 for $140, the AX2400 for $160 which will all be available at various times this year.

The COVR X1872 mesh kit is $270 and will go on sale in Q2 this year.

Read more about WiFi 6 here on the D-Link website