Tesla had a big year last year, it started selling the Model 3 here in the United Kingdom, Mexico and South Korea – the Tesla Model Y, which is a smaller SUV than the Model X was revealed and right at the end of the year, the Cyber Truck was unveiled, which caused a big stir on social media. And also Tesla started delivering the first Model 3 cars to customers which were manufactured in Gigafactory 3, in Shanghai.

But the biggest news, was that the amount of cars Tesla delivered in 2019, just last year 367,500 cars were shipped to customers. As you can see below, a lot the popularity has come from the Model 3. Back in February 2019, we reported that the Model 3 was the best selling EV in 2018.

In 2019 Q4, Tesla broke its own record of producing 105,000 vehicles and delivering 112,000 to customers.

“We continue to focus on expanding production in both the US as well as our newly launched facility in Shanghai. Despite breaking ground at Gigafactory Shanghai less than 12 months ago, we have already produced just under 1,000 customer salable cars and have begun deliveries.”


As we noted at the top of the post, Tesla opened Gigafactory 3 in China last year and already started shipping cars to customers, the factory in Shanghai is only producing Model 3 at the moment.


In 2020, it is expected for the Tesla Semi to start being produced as well as the Model Y SUV to start shipping to customers. Stay tuned to A&T Tech for electric car news and news about Tesla.

Source: Tesla