Back in August last year, LIFX unveiled a few new products, including filament bulbs, a candle bulb, a new Z Strip designed for TVs and also a much needed one – the LIFX Switch. So far, only the LIFX Z-TV we have seen and its up for sale already but we are yet to see the LIFX Candle bulb and the LiFX Spiral and LiFX Vintage, the two filament bulbs.

One product, the LIFX Switch has been talked about quite a bit, each button can control a non smart light on an electrical circuit, or a smart light, each button can have a different backlight colour to show what does what etc. The LIFX Switch is offered in white or black.

Back in August,

“We’re thrilled to bring LIFX Switch to market and in so doing, deliver a new sensor platform for Buddy Ohm while bringing to market what we believe is most important for mainstream consumers – a smart switch that looks, feels and works like a regular switch. This product brings together the best of Buddy’s consumer and commercial businesses and demonstrates to third party customers the market potential of having our Managed Services team deploy the LIFX Control Module platform into their products too.”

Travis Gerber, CEO of Buddy’s Commercial Business

LIFX Switch in Europe

This original news was back in August last year and since then, LIFX has said that the Switch will be offered in the US this March and its up for pre-order on for $99 but so far, there isn’t any information on when or if the LIFX Switch will be offered here in the UK and Europe.

So, we reached out to LIFX regarding this and they got back to us with the following

Hi Alex,

Europe has different installation requirements which we will be working through and aiming for release towards the back end of the year.

So it will be available we just do not have a date to offer yet.


Charlie Felton

Growth Marketing Associate, LIFX

So hopefully, by the end of this year we will see some more information about the new LIFX Switch.

Source: LIFX (Email), LIFX & Home Kit News