Netatmo, which is better known for its weather station and rain and wind modules, has launched a new smart lock which is very different to most on the market. From the look of it it only works with HomeKit at the moment and it uses physical NFC keys, meaning you can recode the keys if one gets lost.

Like other locks from August and KwikSet, the Netatmo Smart Door Lock has a deadbolt system, but it is not connected to the internet at all, using only Bluetooth and NFC only.

The HomeKit integration is only for controlling scenes if the door opens, there isn’t any option for the door to open hands free or remotely. Similar to how the Eve products work, it won’t need a hub but instead the lock will use Bluetooth to talk to the HomeKit hub, i.e Apple TV HD or 4K or a HomePod.

Image: Netatmo
Image: Netatmo

You can also give someone guest access from the Netatmo Guest app, over WhatsApp or SMS which can give them temporary access to that door.

The physical unit is again, very similar looking to the August smart lock and uses AAA batteries, which Netatmo say should last two years.

Netatmo are launching the Smart Door Lock here in Europe first at the end of this year. Netatmo has no plans for a launch in the US at this time.

Source: Netatmo