Today, Fiat has introduced two new electrified versions of the existing 500 and Panda city cars and while this isn’t Fiats first electric vehicle as the Fiat 500e was introduced to the US market back in 2013 and hasn’t been updated since, it is at least some good steps towards the brands electrification plans.

Both cars are going to launch in a few months time, the 500 in February and the Panda in March and due to the hybrid assistance, both have smaller engines, going from a 1.2-litre to a three pot 1-litre which is then paired with a 12-volt electric motor and lithium ion battery system. The smaller engine and efficiencies have reduced the CO2 of both cars by up to 30%.

“The Hybrids are powered by the new 3-cylinder engines from the FireFly family, combined with the 12-volt BSG (Belt-integrated Starter Generator), which will deliver 70 HP.”


Full Electric

In the press release, Fiat has also mentioned that they will continue to start production of the ‘new 500’ in Turin which will be a full electric car – but there isn’t much information about this model yet.

Both cars can be ordered now at Fiat dealerships in Europe and the UK

Source: FCA – Fiat Press