This week at CES, Twitter announced a few new upcoming features to the platform and the head of product management spoke about some new features related to conversations.

Suzanne Xie, the product management head said that Twitter will be adding a new setting for controlling the people who can reply to certain conversations with the option for “Global, Group, Panel, and Statement.”

Twitter has become a bit toxic in places, because everyone can reply to any Tweet so Twitter is giving users options to limit this.

The global option will be like it is at the moment, where everyone can reply to the Tweet. The new options are as follows: Group will only let users reply who that user follows, Panel will only allow mentioned users to reply and Statement is as it sounds, a statement and no one can reply.

When can I expect to see this new feature?

Twitter has said the conversations participants feature will come out this year, stay tuned to A&T Tech for more information at the time.

Source: The Verge