Having cars on the internet and ‘always on’ does mean that they are more vulnerable in theory to being hacked, attacked or compromised in some way. And having a car that you or your family is sat in, travel in is a huge security issue and safety issue. Tesla is taking this very seriously and is taking part in the Pwn2Own once again in Vancouver.

The Pwn2Own event takes place every year in Vancouver and last year, when Tesla took part two security researchers got into the Model 3 infotainment system by breaching the built in browser. The two researchers were awarded a Tesla Model 3 each for their efforts.

This year, cash prizes are on offer of up to $400,000 and also Model 3 cars are on offer too.

When is Pwn2Own?

Registration for the event closes at 5pm Pacific Time 13th March 2020 and the event is for two days, 18th-20th March 2020.

Source: Zero Day Initiative