That’s it, times up – no ifs, not buts – Windows 7, it’s over. Today is the day, Microsoft has now dropped support for Windows 7. Users still using the over ten year old operating system will now no longer get any software or security updates.

We reported back in December that Microsoft would be ending support for Windows 7 today and that at the time, 17% of business in the US and UK weren’t even aware that Windows 7 would lose support soon and also 33% of businesses were still running Windows XP.

What do I need to do if I am on Windows 7?

The easiest answer is upgrade to Windows 10 or get a new PC or laptop and contact Microsoft for more information. For the time being, make sure you have a good anti malware program, such as MalwareBytes.

Also, Windows 10 has been out for nearly five years now and for a long time, Microsoft was offering free upgrades for customers still on Windows 7 or Windows 8.