Tesla is now worth more than Volkswagen, which the company achieved this week. Tesla is now worth $100 billion, which is £76.1 billion. As of this week, Volkswagen is worth $89.6 billion and for comparison, Ford is only worth $36.3 billion.

Tesla is now the first american car company to be worth $100 billion and as a result shares for the company have doubled since October 2019, which is now at $569.95.

Last year Tesla unveiled the upcoming Tesla Model Y small SUV, which is based on the Model 3 saloon car and the Cyber Truck SUV was previewed near the end of last year. In 2019, Tesla delivered 367,500 cars worldwide, which is an increase of 50% when compared to the year before, 2018.

Again, by comparison Volkswagen delivered 11 million vehicles in 2019.