Looking back at the last ten years at what Apple has achieved and released seems daunting, we’ve seen the first iPad, iPhone 4, Siri, Apple Watch, Touch ID, Face ID, Apple Pay, AirPods, iPhone X and many other things we take for granted, but in the tech world thirty six years is such a long time ago and the birth of the personal computer as we know it took place all those years ago, to this day.

Thirty six years ago today, then chairman of the board Steve Jobs introduced the original Macintosh on 24th January, 1984. The launch took place at Apple’s annual shareholders meeting.

Launch Video

The 1984 Mac as we refer to it today was equipped with a black and white 9-inch display, 8MHz Motorola 68000 processor, 128KB of RAM, 3.5-inch floppy drive. It was priced at $2,495 which is around $6,000 taking into account the inflation. The machine was launched in January 1984 and by May in the same year, Apple had shifted 50,000 units.

In December last year, YouTuber MKBHD released a video as part of his series ‘Retro Tech’ which looks at the original Mac, which you can find below.