Ubiquiti just announced the brand new UniFi Next-generation Gateway Pro (UXG-Pro) yesterday, after nearly two years being developed in the beta process. It is the companies first new hardware firewall in around 7 years, we’ll gloss over the USG-XG-8 here as it was dropped pretty quickly by Ubiquiti. The UXG-Pro is exactly what a lot of users have wanted, an up to date UniFi firewall that isn’t a UDM device, something that can be remotely adopted to external UniFi controllers and Cloud Keys.

So, many people have asked what is the benefit of using a UXG-Pro, we’ll be covering that in a separate ‘vs’ article, but in this one we are comparing the brand new UXG-Pro and the previous USG-Pro-4.

So the UXG-Pro takes the main guts from the UDM-Pro, such as the CPU, similar chassis, LCM screen and more. The UDM-Pro has 4GB DDR4 memory and in the UXG-Pro there is 2GB, but considering it only needs to handle network routing etc, that is more than enough. The same 1.7GHz CPU has been carried over for fast performance. With two RJ45 ports and two SFP+ ports, so you get two WAN ports, one on SFP and one on RJ45 and then two LAN ports, one of each too. On the back is a standard power lead, a port for Ubiquiti’s USP-RPS redundant power device and a US mains plug, which is used for an external modem.

The UXG-Pro should be able to handle the same levels of connections as the UDM-Pro, which with IDS and IPS disabled can do 3.5Gbps.

The older USG-Pro is getting quite long in the tooth now, being introduced around 6-7 years ago, it has six network interfaces, two WAN and two LAN. The WAN ports are shared between RJ45 and SFP and can’t be remapped or used at the same time. Also on the front is a console port and a USB port, which to this day remains unused.

The new UXG-Pro is for sale now and is in stock on store.ui.com for $499 (£378 converted). Ubiquiti hasn’t said anything yet, but we would assume it is going to be released in the UK and EU soon.



Supported software

Runs UniFi OS and can be adopted to an external UniFi controller

Runs EdgeOS and can be be adopted to an external UniFi controller

WAN Ports

2 - 1x RJ45 and 1x SFP+

2 - 2x RJ45 and 2x SFP+

Maxiumum throughput


1Gbps (250mbps with IPS)

Form factor

Desk mountable and 1U rack moutable

Desk mountable and 1U rack moutable

Number of interfaces



Special features

LCM screen


$499 US

$344 US, €249 EU and £251.15 UK


We would recommend the new UXG-Pro one the USG line, the UXG-Pro shares a lot of the same high performance hardware from the UDM-Pro and will be a much more solid choice.

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