Late last week, Amazon announced that support for the Cloud Cam will be ending later this year on 2nd December 2022. Amazon launched the Cloud Cam back in 2017 and stores video recordings in the cloud, the company also later unveiled a Cloud Cam—Key Edition that was designed to work with smart locks.

Amazon has said that on 2nd December 2022 customers will no longer be able to use the Cloud Cam, access recordings or use the iOS and Android apps for the device. Users are advised to download any video recordings they need to before on 2nd December 2022.

To appease customers, Amazon is offering customers a complimentary Blink Mini indoor security camera and a one-year Blink Plus subscription plan. Customers using the Cloud Cam—Key Edition are being offered a fourth-generation Echo instead, so those smart locks can still be used.

Going forward, Amazon looks to focus on Blink and Ring for smart home security.