This week, Plex has released a new beta version of its popular Plex Media Server application, with support for Apple Silicon based Mac computers. Up until now, if you were to run Plex on a Mac with a M1 chip, it would run using the Rosetta 2 emulation layer. Plex has said that while existing Plex installs run fine through Rosetta 2, it is better to have native support.

When you go to download Plex, the company will offer up a “Universal” build for macOS, meaning the downloader will install whichever version of Plex you need for your Mac, with both copies for Intel and Apple Silicon Macs

Plex has said that this new version is in beta at the moment and that once it has been released, it won’t auto update. If you do have a M1 Mac running Plex the new version will need to be manually installed.

Plex Beta for M1 Macs can be found here from the Plex website.