Today, Ubiquiti has announced a new much requested product for UniFi Protect, the new Smart Chime. Ever since Ubiquiti launched the original G4 Doorbell back in 2020 there has not been the option of an official chime for it, instead relying on mechanical chimes or third party digital chimes to get the job done.

However, today Ubiquiti has released the offices smart chime for UniFi Protect. Only available in the US at the moment and costing $59, it plugs into a standard wall socket and connects to WiFi over 2.4GHz only.

The smart chime works with the original G4 Doorbell and the latest G4 Doorbell Pro and needs Protect version 2.0 or later.

The new Smart Chime is on sale now from the official Ubiquiti store.

Video from MacTelecom Networks