Citroën has revealed a brand new version of the C4 EV with a larger version, dubbed the e-C4 X. The new car is based on the existing C4 but has a larger boot, more room in the back for passengers and more importantly – improved range.

When the e-C4 X goes on sale in the UK, it’ll only be available in electric form. The e-C4 X is mostly identical to the e-C4 but has been redesigned from the rear, with a new fastback body with an extra 240mm added to the length.

With this new design is some new unique changes, such as redesigned LED rear lights and bumper and black inserts that look similar to to the C5 Aircross.

Inside, the e-C4 X hasn’t been changed much from the standard car, but now has the new MyCitroën Drive Plus infotainment system from the company’s latest models. This adds a new 10-inch touchscreen, with support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The e-C4 X has the same motor as the e-C4, with a 50kWh battery, 134bhp and 192lb ft torque. It can do 0-60mph in 9.5 seconds with a top speed of 93mph. Thanks to a more aerodynamic design, the e-C4 X has five more miles of range than the e-C4, at 224 miles.

The C4 X and e-C4 X will go on sale mostly worldwide, with it planned to launch in the Middle East and Africa. Some countries in Europe will see it offered with petrol and diesel engines, but here in the UK and some Nordic countries it’ll be only offered in electric guise.

Citroën is planning to start orders later this year, with the first deliveries to start in early 2023.