Instagram has updated its iOS app to allow users to delete their accounts from within the app. Apple has recently changed its rules for the App Store which requires that apps that allow users to make an account, must allow them to delete it too within the app. The deadline for this change was 30th June 2022 and Instagram released an update a the latest possible date.

Apple has told app developers that finding the delete account feature must be easy to find. With Instagram, users will be able to deactivate or delete their account, which will have the same affect as logging into the web version of Instagram. Prior to this update, that is what was required in order to delete an account.

To delete your Instagram account from the web, go to Instagram app > Settings > Delete account then choose whether you wish to deactivate or delete your account. Instagram does allow a 30 day cooling off period, so if you change your mind you won’t lose any data.

In response to this change, Instagram took a more positive spin on the news. When speaking TechCrunch the company said it wanted to “give people more ways to control their experience and time spent on Instagram.” Instagram made no reference to the fact that this was just a new Apple requirement on the App Store.