Some owners of the sixth generation iPad mini have been having issues with charging since iPadOS 15.5 was released. iOS 15.5 has affected some users with the Apple Books app, with multiple complaints relating to users unable to open books. The same update is now causing issues relating to charging for the iPad mini 6.

There are a number of threads on the official Apple Support Community forums suggesting that the affected users are now unable to charge up their iPad mini once updating to iPadOS 15.5. The issue seems to be apparent even if a first party cable or adaptor is used and using alternatives doesn’t make any difference.

Apple has said this is a software issue, not hardware. MacRumors managed to obtain an internal memo sent to authorised service providers which said that Apple is now aware if this issue. However, no solution has yet been provided and the memo said that replacing the battery or the iPad will not fix the problem.

Apple does have iPadOS 15.6 in the beta process currently. While it is yet unclear if this release will solve the issue, it is probably going to be the case. For the short term, Apple is advising customers to reboot the iPad to resolve the problem.