Back in May, EE became the first mobile phone carrier in the UK to achieve 50% 5G coverage, which the company boasts is “five years ahead of government’s ambition.” This is quite impressive, given the governments requirements to remove Huawei branded equipment and replace with Ericsson or Nokia hardware.

“Today’s milestone is a huge achievement in our 5G journey. EE was the first network to launch 5G in the UK and now we’re the first mobile network operator to take the technology to 50% of the UK population. Our ambitions for 5G don’t stop here. We’ll continue to invest in our network to provide our customers with unrivalled connectivity.”

Marc Allera – BT Consumer Division CEO

EE also had an existing target in place for 5G coverage. In 2021, the company said they expect to have UK 5G coverage covering “over half the population by early 2023”, which has now been achieved. By 2028, the company will have 5G connectivity anywhere in the UK.