Geely has launched a new brand called ‘Radar Auto’ and it’ll produce solely electric vehicles, with a lifestyle theme. The company will make SUVs, pickup trucks and ATVs. The first product will be the pickup truck in the above image.

The upcoming RD6 will be built on a new architecture, called SEA and will be used for a number of upcoming cars that are within the Geely family, including the Polestar 4, Smart #1 and Lotus Eletre.

Radar hasn’t yet revealed any specs for the upcoming truck, but we do know that there will the option of a single or dual-motor powertrain. Main features include a front storage area and external charging ports in the bed.

Radar will only be offering its cars in China for now, with no mention on whether or not it’ll bring them to the rest of the world. Radar has a brand new R&D facility in Hangzhou, China and a factory in Zibo, China, where it will make the RD6.

No details are yet available on range, pricing or performance but first deliveries are due to start by the end of 2022.