In the last few days, Ubiquiti has completely overhauled its website for UISP. Visiting used to show off the features of the UISP application. However, it has now been redesigned from top to bottom with information on new upcoming hardware for both UISP Wave and UISP wired hardware.

Digging into the new site uncovers new switching and routing hardware for UISP, more details regarding the UISP Wave devices as well as some interesting UISP Power devices that utilise the ‘Power TransPort’ connector on UISP switches and routers.

Ubiquiti has also paid some attention to its UFiber products, announcing a new OLT XGS and ONUs to go alongside it.

UISP Router Pro

First off is the UISP Router Pro, it has nine Gigabit Ethernet ports, with four 1 GbE / 10 GbE SFP+ ports. Unlike the smaller UISP Router, this larger version doesn’t feature any PoE output capability, making it probably more suited for environments where you would have a PoE switch, like the UISP Switch Pro or in a more core network environment.

One thing to note is the addition of the LCM screen, similar to UniFi products and the unique rounded design that the UISP line has adopted.

Ubiquiti says the release date to EA is TBA currently.

UISP Switch Pro

The UISP Switch Pro was released to the EA store recently, but this is the first time we have had any public access to the specs and price. It has 24 GbE ports, with 16 capable of delivering 27V passive PoE to devices. Over on the right hand side are four 1GbE/10GbE SFP+ ports.

Like the UISP Router Pro, the UISP Switch Pro has a small LCM screen too, likely for viewing stats and other information.

UISP Power

Next is the UISP Power. This device looks to be a small UPS type device, similar to the EdgePower devices. It is capable of delivering up to 200W of power and features one Power TransPort connector. There is an internal battery, rated at 115.92 Wh but it can also connect to external batteries if required.

Ubiquiti says this device will be $299 when it hits the EA store. Time frame is set to July, so it should be coming soon.

UISP Power Pro

The UISP Power Pro takes this to the next level, with a much larger form factor, LCM screen and three Power TransPort connectors. While there isn’t an internal battery here, one or more can be connected up using the terminal blocks. Up to Up to 480W of power cane outputted too.

This device can also send some sort of alerts via SMS, using ‘LTE CAT-M1’. No prices for this device have been revealed yet, but Ubiquiti says it’ll come to the EA store in October.


For the upcoming UISP Wave devices, Ubiquiti has now named the three way Wave AP the ‘UISP AP HD’. Other specs include a 90° coverage area with a maximum client capacity of 45 devices. Again no prices here, but Ubiquiti has said coming in Q3 2022 to the EA Store.

The smaller AP Micro is also coming in Q3 2022.


The OLT XGS is the first device Ubiquiti has that supports XGS Pon which takes GPON to the next level, above 1Gbps. The OLT can handle 1024 ONUs and to handle the bandwidth, there are 4 x 25Gbps SFP28 uplink ports.

Two models for ONUs will be available, with the ONU XG and ONU XGS. The ONU XG has 1 x 2.5GbE Port and can be powered by 24V Passive PoE or with by USB Type C. The latter has a 10GbE Port and is only powered by USB Type C.

The OLT XGS ONU XG will be coming to the EA Store in Q3 2022, with the ONU XGS coming in Q4 2022.