Today, Ubiquiti has added the brand new Building-to-Building Bridge XG (UBB-XG) to its public facing stores in the EU and UK. Like the entry level UBB model the company offers, the UBB-XG is a dedicated PtP 60GHz radio system which connects to the UniFi application for its management. While the UBB is based on the standard GigaBeam, the UBB-XG is based on the airFiber 60HD, which was launched in February this year.

The UBB has a maximum throughput of 1.7+ Gbps bi-directionally, using 60GHz and a separate 5GHz radio for backup. Range is 500 metres. With the new UBB-XG model, the bandwidth it can handle is much greater at 6.6 Gbps, again with a maximum range of 500 metres. To help it achieve this higher throughput, it is equipped with two network interfaces, one RJ45 port for delivering power at PoE++ (802.3at) and a separate 10 Gbps SFP+ interface for data.

A pack of two of the UBB-XG comes in at €1,170.00 EU / £994.36 UK and it is not yet offered in the US. In comparison, the standard UBB is €568.80 EU and £483.41 UK.

There is little explanation as to the benefits, but like the AF60 HD the UBB-XG has been terragraph certified.

The new UBB-XG is up for sale now and is in stock on the official Ubiquiti Store in the EU and UK.