Microsoft has been working on hard on improving the overall experience of its Xbox Series X and Series S. In the latest test builds, available to Xbox Insiders members. In the latest version, Microsoft has improved the boot time on both models by around five seconds. This affects the cold boot time.

Microsoft has simply made the bootup animation shorter, from around nine seconds to four seconds and this was enough for Insiders to notice. On Friday last week, Microsoft confirmed the improvement made.

“A shorter boot up animation (~4s) from the original boot up animation (~9s), helping to reduce the overall startup time.”

Josh Munsee – Director of integrated marketing for Xbox

However, there are some caveats to know. Owners on both consoles will only notice from the improved boot time if the console is set to Energy Saver mode instead of Standby mode. Energy Saver mode allows the console to turn off fully and makes enabling it a bit more appealing.

The new update is out for Insiders only at the moment and should be available for the general public soon.