Late last year, Sky announced that soon customers using the Apple TV would be able to access Sky Go with a release date of the “first half of 2022”. The company has declined to comment on when exactly the app will be released or why it has been delayed.

Sky might have just been slow to get started. The company announced the app in October and only just started sending out invites to the beta app in April 2022. Judging by the forum post, a lot of users only started using the beta in May 2022.

The app is compatible with the latest Apple TV devices; Apple TV HD, Apple TV 4K 1st gen and Apple TV 4K 2nd gen. Beta software always has its niggles, but so far there have some issues with logging in, video quality, app navigation problems and more. Judging by some of the comments, most of these seem to have been fixed.

How to join the beta

If you would like to join the official beta for the Sky Go app, you’ll need to download the TestFlight app from the App Store. And then follow this invite link:

The process for joining TestFlight betas on Apple TV needs a few extra steps. If you follow the link on your iPhone first and download the latest beta of the Sky Go app. Once this is completed, download the TestFlight on the Apple TV and based on your Apple ID, it’ll know which betas you are enrolled in. Once completed, download the Sky Go app and sign in with your log in details.