For the first time in quite a while, Amazon is increased the price of the annual Prime subscription in the UK and the rest of Europe. In the UK at least, the company has communicated out to its customers that the yearly price is increasing – as are the monthly memberships for Prime Video. All across the Europe the prices are going up, in this article we’ll cover what has changed.

The worst hit is customers in France, who’ll now see a stark increase of 43% for the yearly fee. The below table covers all the countries affected and where the price has changed from and too.


Yearly price before

Yearly price now

Percentage increase





















This is actually the very first price increase for Prime in the UK, the third-biggest market for Amazon – behind the US of course. Amazon Prime offers free one day shipping on compatible products as well as unlimited access to Prime Video, Prime Music, Kindle book club and much more.

Over in the US, Amazon increased the price of Prime in February this year from $119 up to $139.

Email sent to Amazon customers
Email sent to Amazon customers

For Europe and the UK, these changes will take a few months to come into affect. Changes will take place from 15th September and will be from when members join or next renew. Amazon has said the price increase is down to increased inflation and operating costs. All the monthly prices for Prime Video have gone up by £1 and €1 where applicable.

In April earlier this year, Amazon revealed its first quarterly loss in seven years, so this might have an effect on the prices of Amazon services.