Ubiquiti today has launched the brand new UniFi6 Enterprise access point, the first WiFi 6E device the company has launched so far. WiFi 6E enables support for a third WiFi band, in the 6GHz spectrum. While there aren’t many client devices out in the wild that can support it currently, given some time they will be available. Being a device in the ‘Enterprise’ family, the U6-Enterprise has a 2.5GbE RJ45 port for the data and PoE and is powered with PoE+ (802.3at)

Like the U6-Pro, this device uses metal in its construction, especially on the rear case to help mitigate WiFi signals leaking out of the back because these types of access point are downwards firing primarily.

For the specs, the AP is capable of using 22W at its peak consumption and when combined, has a 10.2 Gbps aggregate throughput rate.

The new UniFi6 Enterprise is on sale now from the official Ubiquiti store in the US for $299.

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