A Tesla Supercharger in Germany has been upgraded significantly recently, following a new partnership with bk World. The two companies have come up with a new cube shaped lounge building which houses numerous vending machines, laptop chargers and even an Nintendo Switch for kids and adult kids to play while the car charges.

This partnership between Tesla and bk World would be the first of many where Superchargers are needed, but for one reason or another are not that close to suitable service stations or amenities. So far, Tesla has tried its best to make sure Supercharger locations have toilets and coffee facilities nearby but sometimes it isn’t that easy.

Vistors wishing to use the cube lounge need to register for the bk World app to access a QR code to enter the building. The app is unavailable on the UK App Store, so I couldn’t download it to share some screenshots.

Inside the building there are a number of vending machines serving up food, drinks and access to an Nintendo Switch to use. Outside, there is a machine that can make fresh pizza in four minutes. Also there is air-conditioning throughout the building as well as toilets and charging laptops and phones.

Tesla and bk World have around 300 locations planned access Europe.