This week, Eve has announced a brand new version of its Aqua water controller which can be used with HomeKit. The previous version was was released a few years ago and relied on a Bluetooth connection back to a HomeKit hub to function. However, the latest version now uses Thread.

Thread is something Eve has been adding to its latest products lately, with the Eve Room, brand new Eve motion sensor and the door sensors too. Now, the Aqua has been fully redesigned with a much sleeker look and Thread which will help the device have a much more reliable connection, better battery life and better range when used with other Thread devices.

The Eve Aqua can be fitted to any outdoor tap and turn it into a smart water outlet, with timers, Siri support and more. It can be used to control something like an irrigation system using the Home app and with Shortcuts, even know what the weather is doing and adapt its schedule to that.

The Eve Aqua has been redesigned with a new space grey finish and matte black plastic front, where the manual button is located. There is a new brass connector and magnetic valve for improved durability – and to help it prevent against leaks.

The new Eve Aqua is on sale now from the official Eve website for $149.95 in the US. It is not yet on sale in the UK.