Ubiquiti today announced a new line of cameras for UniFi Protect, called AI Theta. This new cameras aims to make camera security less aesthetically intrusive in certain environments such as high end shopping outlets. The whole premise is separating the physical components and making the camera facing the people blend in more.

Ubiquiti says AI Theta is coming soon to early access, so based in previous products it could be available in GA to the general public anywhere between six months and two years from now.

Ubiquiti has separated out the electronics of the camera and the lens technology to achieve this. The box can be connected up to 30 meters away from the lens. Lenses available include 360° and telephoto for use in different applications.

The cameras look to support Smart Detections, high FPS and 4K resolution. Until Ubiquiti release more information about the new AI Theta line this video below is what we have to go on.