Today, Tesla has launched a new entry level Model Y in the UK and Europe. The rear wheel drive Model Y standard range is now on sale priced from £51,990 in the UK with similar pricing in the rest of Europe.

This model will be available to customers between December 2022 and February 2023 and features one less motor, hence being rear wheel drive and has less range too, at 283 miles WLTP. However, over in the US this model was offered briefly back in 2021 but was removed shortly afterwards. This announcement is weird, considering Elon Musk was quoted saying Tesla would never release a standard range Model Y – but here we are.

Tesla hasn’t yet confirmed where the Rear wheel drive Model Y will be manufactured, it most likely will be at either the Gigafactory Shanghai or at Gigafactory Berlin.

Pricing is good with the new Model Y variant, in the Netherlands for example it comes in at 50,000 – €16,000 less than the Long Range version. Here in the UK, it costs £51,990 – £6,000 less.