Today, Ubiquiti has launched the brand new USP-PDU-Pro after nearly two years in the beta process. The USP-PDU-Pro was launched to the EA store back in October 2020 and is a network managed power distribution unit, which each outlet capable of being reset remotely.

Like other devices from Ubiquiti in the ‘SmartPower’ category, the PDU can automatically reset the power to any cable modems, DSL routers, and optical network terminals when they go offline. Ubiquiti also says coming soon is support for virtual router redundancy, using the the three GbE RJ45 ports on the unit. However, exactly how this works remains to be seen.

The USP-PDU-Pro is on sale now in the US, available from the official Ubiquiti store at for $279. At the time of writing, the device is sold out.