Volkswagen has announced that by 2024, it will only be selling electric cars in Norway. VW has chosen to do this ahead of of any regulations in the country forcing the company to sell nothing but EVs.

Nothing like this has happened yet in Norway, but considering the way everything is going and the fact that the ban on new combustion powered cars has already been scheduled here in the UK, it makes sense for VW to do this.

Volkswagen has likely looked at how the car market in Norway is behaving too. Of all the cars sold in Norway last year, 64.5% of them were pure electric models, with the sales for 2022 looking like it is around 83%. Standard combustion car sales in the country are becoming few and far between.

This makes sense for Volkswagen to do in Norway, as if the market for BEV models is becoming larger and larger, why bother importing any combustion cars for the sales to get smaller. Any regulations are likely to come into play at some stage, so VW is just making sure it is ahead of what is going to happen.