Ubiquiti has today released a new firmware update for UniFi network switches, with version 6.3.11. The update was made available this time last week in a ‘Release Candidate’ form after some time in the beta process. The firmware was released to GA earlier today and contains a number of fixes and improvements.

You can update your hardware by logging into your UniFi Controller via the web UI or the mobile app and if the devices have an upgrade logo next to them, go ahead and update. If you don’t see it yet, it should be rolling out soon but you can manually force UniFi to check for firmware in settings.

The full release notes can be found over on the official Ubiquiti Community post, but we’ll highlight some key features here.

  • Improve Network adoption and connection stability
  • Fix PoE is shown as “off” while it’s providing power. (requires a physical power cycle if you experience this issue)

The PoE display issue affects the USW-Lite-8-PoE and for a few months you would be unable to view any PoE stats about the switch, what each port is drawing etc. I updated two USW-Lite-8-PoE units earlier, one went through fine and started showing stats again but one did require a hard power cycle to bring the stats back, like Ubiquiti suggests.

Above is what the UI within UniFi is supposed to look like, essentially the problem before is that the ports showing as delivering PoE would just show link status.

USW 6.3.11 is out now.