According to a report from MacRumors earlier today, Apple is expected to mark many iPod models as obsolete later this month. Apple typically classes a device as obsolete once it has been in the vintage status for a while. Apple considers devices as ‘vintage’ once it has been around for about five years. After this, Apple then moves them to the ‘obsolete’ status.

Once a device is ‘vintage’, this doesn’t mean Apple doesn’t support it. That device wont run the latest iOS software, but will receive critical security updates. However, once it becomes ‘obsolete’ then it is pretty hard to get it repaired or get any updates for it.

According to a memo which MacRumors got hold of, later in September Apple is planning on making the 2012 iPod shuffle, seventh-generation iPod nano and the 32GB and 64GB fifth-generation iPod touch to the list of devices in the ‘obsolete’ category. Apple is expected to make this change on the 30th September 2022.

The 16GB iPod touch without the rear camera is already on the ‘obsolete’ list.